Distinct, handmade jewellery for your signature style.

Handcrafted, high-quality jewellery is slow-made. Each and every piece that leaves my studio has been designed and created through my hands.

A few small, popular pieces have been designed with handmade molds to ensure they’re readily available for gifts and celebrations. These pieces are given the same thought and attention to detail as those that are one-of-a-kind. 

Woodland & Coastal

Originally designed in 2011, a collection with silver jewellery named, “Lichen” inspired by local towering forests–has evolved to include a mix of timeless gold pieces and new inspiration from my time on the coast.

Long walks spent gazing upon the dense, twisted oaks and birch trees across from my studio inspire imprints of bark and the many abstract shapes of lichen. While exploring the delicate, yet rugged coastline of the Falkland Islands, I’ve called on the endless shapes and textures from shells, bubbles covering the shore after crashing waves–and even shipwrecks, to create my most organic pieces.

With nearly something for everyone, you’ll find yourself reminiscent of the calmness that arises when immersed in nature. Each uniquely designed piece allows you to carry the beauty of nature with you wherever you go.


Inspired by my 2013 graduate collection, ‘Sunday Best,’ the Relics collection was brought to life in 2017 as my transition from non-precious materials to precious metals progressed.

With a nod to the past, I’ve looked to ancient casting processes to create pieces inspired by the shapes, metals, and textures that were used thousands of years ago. Each gold Relic necklace echo’s the tea-stained circles once inspired by the remnants of a cup of tea. And every shape and stone has been chosen to reflect the landscape and natural tones of the Earth. 

The Relics collection connects you with the warmth and elegance of ancient body adornment for an unmatched addition to your everyday wear. You’ll experience the charm of a one-of-a-kind piece that combines delicate intricacies with the sturdiness of withstanding the test of time.

Alice’s classic gold Relic necklace echo’s the tea-stained circles once inspired by the remnants of a cup of tea. Now with a nod to the past, inspiration has taken a new turn with a focus on one of her main processes; casting and the body adornment it created within the ancient world.  


A sense of escapism into other realms led to the creation of these otherworldly treasures made with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Delicate, feminine details combined with strong precious metals bring these fantasy-esque pieces to life.

After a walk in the forest or stroll in the hills, and with my wild imagination of dreaming up fantasies and fairy tales, the inspiration to create these pieces comes with ease. While at the jeweller’s bench, you can feel the mystical ambiance of a crackling fire, Enya playing in my ears, and Lord Of The Rings on download. Within the Collection, you’ll find pieces named ‘Meraki’ – meaning doing something with soul, creativity or love, and putting a piece of yourself into your work.


This playful collection lets you tap into the world of your favorite fantasies with the use of pear-shaped stones and tiny tiara-like details designed for each individual ring. While showcasing a contemporary look and Earthy shape that flatters your hand.


Sea kayaking around the Archipelago that are the Falkland Islands, has opened up my world to new inspirations from my second home in the South Atlantic; enabling me to produce what I feel is my best collection to date.

Paddling on the surface of the ocean, being in and amongst the giant sea kelp that grows in vast kelp forests; it was inevitable that the swirling tendrils lapping on the rocks from the swell would inspire my next fine-jewellery collection, ‘Archipelago’. The rugged and untouched Falkland Islands have an incomparable sense of raw beauty and have truly captured my imagination. 

Reminiscent of the sun and sea sparkling in front of my studio, these pieces are created from precious metals such as Platinum and 18 ct yellow gold, combined with diamonds and other precious stones. Each piece is named after a significant place in the Falklands. Whether it’s Shallow Bay over on the West Falklands or the lighthouse lookout at Cape Pembroke.

This collection has been and always will be inspired by these magnificent Islands. My hope with every piece is to connect you with the unforgettable feeling that comes with experiencing the Archipelago.