Woodland & Coastal

It started off as a collection of silver jewellery named ‘Lichen’ inspired by walks in the forest opposite Alice’s studio and scrambles around the local National Trust site Brimham Rocks. First designed and made in 2011 while studying at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham and are still some of Alice’s bestsellers today.

Since arriving in the Falkland Islands this collection has grown and developed with new coastline inspirations and added gold pieces making a few of the everyday pieces that extra bit special.


From Alice’s graduate collection ‘Sunday Best’ made in 2013 to her ‘Relics’ collection brought to life in 2017, it is clear certain shapes and textures have stayed within her work through her transition from non-precious materials to precious metals.

Alice’s classic gold Relic necklace echo’s the tea-stained circles once inspired by the remnants of a cup of tea. Now with a nod to the past, inspiration has taken a new turn with a focus on one of her main processes; casting and the body adornment it created within the ancient world.  


Otherworldly treasures made in precious metals with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Inspired by escapism into other realms. Alice has a wild imagination dreaming up fantasies and fairy tales while at the jeweller’s bench after walk in forest or a stroll in the hills. Usually with Enya playing in her ears and Lord Of The Rings on download. Some of the pieces in her Ethereal Collection are named ‘Meraki’ – meaning doing something with soul, creativity or love, putting a piece yourself into your work. This playful collection was the start of something special for Alice; the use of pear-shaped stones with tiny crown/ tiara like details became the foundation of all her Ethereal Rings.


Sea kayaking around the Archipelago that are the Falkland Islands, Alice has taken new inspirations from her second home in the South Atlantic.

Paddling on the surface of the ocean, being in and amongst the giant sea kelp that grow in vast kelp forests around the islands; it was inevitable that the swirling tendrils lapping on the rocks from the swell would inspire Alice’s next fine jewellery collection ‘Archipelago’.

Each piece of jewellery is completely unique and is named after a significant place in the Falklands. Whether it’s Shallow Bay over on the West Falklands or the lighthouse lookout at Cape Pembroke, the natural world of these extraordinary islands has truly captured Alice’s imagination.

“The rugged and untouched Falkland Islands have a sense of raw beauty like no other. They’ve opened my eyes and inspired my imagination, enabling me to produce what I feel is my best collection to date”.

Alice has created her new jewellery collection, ‘Archipelago’ from precious metals such as Platinum and 18ct yellow gold combined with diamonds and other precious stones reminiscent of the sun and sea sparkling in front of her studio in the Falklands.