Island Life


Outdoors guiding Kayakig trips around the rugged coatline and Alice accomplishing setting up a 2nd jewellery studio and shop in Stanley.

Alice and her partner Dan are 2 weeks away from finishing their first summer season down on the Falkland Islands. It has been a great success for the couple; Dan running Falklands Outdoors guiding Kayakig trips around the rugged coatline and Alice accomplishing setting up a 2nd jewellery studio and shop in Stanley. 

The couple will return to North Yorkshire for the British Summertime and fly back to the Falklands towards the end of year (Oct/Nov) for their 2nd summer season.

Dan intends to expand his business selling surfing lessons and Alice will be launching her new Falkalnds Inspired jewellery collection; ARCHIPELAGO. 

Watch this space…