All styled photography by Jessica J Photography

You can visit Alice’s studio either in North Yorkshire or the Falkland Islands to discuss your bespoke wedding rings.


Wedding bands can be made in 9k, 14k & 18k Gold (Yellow, Rose, Raw White), Platinum or Palladium.



To book an appointment;


Will You…

Struggling to find that ‘one ring’?

Need help on sizes, styles and stones?


Book a ‘secret’ appointment with Alice where you can discuss your idea of the perfect engagement ring. Alice is very flexible with dates and times and will be sensitive towards keeping your secret SECRET.


Throughout the whole making process Alice will keep you up to date with images and make sure you’re happy at every turn.


To book an appointment;


Engagement rings over £1000.00

will be nestled safely in a bespoke, handmade 

Alice Clarke wooden proposal box.


There’s a choice between Wave boxes and Faceted boxes. 


Alice’s bespoke boxes are lovingly handcarved by her friends Audrius and Virginija who own Woodstorming. 

Just like Alice the couple believe in attention to detail, the beauty of handmade and the art of craftsmanship.


The whole process behind any Woodstorming product is done by Audrius and Virginija. From idea and design, cutting, sanding, to final presentation. 


“We love wood. It is such natural and warm material – a pleasure to work with, to touch and to use”.