Sea kayaking around the Archipelago that are the Falkland Islands, jewellery designer Alice Clarke has taken new inspirations from her second home in the South Atlantic.

Paddling on the surface of the ocean, being in and amongst the giant sea kelp that grow in vast kelp forests around the islands; it was inevitable that the swirling tendrils lapping on the rocks from the swell would inspire Alice’s next fine jewellery collection ‘Archipelago’.

Each piece of jewellery is completely unique and is named after a significant place in the Falklands. Whether it’s Shallow Bay over on the West Falklands or the lighthouse lookout at Cape Pembroke, the natural world of these extraordinary islands has truly captured Alice’s imagination.

“The rugged and untouched Falkland Islands have a sense of raw beauty like no other. They’ve opened my eyes and inspired my imagination, enabling me to produce what I feel is my best collection to date”.

Alice has created her new jewellery collection, ‘Archipelago’ from precious metals such as Platinum and 18ct yellow gold combined with diamonds and other precious stones reminiscent of the sun and sea sparkling in front of her studio in the Falklands.


A   D R E A M   T E A M

Jewellery designer Alice Clarke designs, makes and sells her unique jewellery from her contemporary jewellery studio in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire … for 6 months of the year.

For the other 6, Alice is based in the Falkland Islands; the homeland where her partner Dan is from.

Together, they move between their two homes like migrating birds not seeing a winter. As well as her passion and love for jewellery making, Alice is also a keen outdoor enthusiast. Whilst in the Falklands avoiding the English winter the couple run their outdoor pursuits business ‘Falklands Outdoors’. One of the main attractions is Sea Kayaking tours; Dan runs guided tours taking wildlife photographers and cruise ship tourists to see the penguin colonies you can’t access by foot.

Alice has a second jewellery workshop in the Falklands in the centre of Stanley where she continues to create her beautifully unique pieces and opens up shop during the toursism season; November – March.

“We’ve turned our dreams into reality, not to be constrained to one place and one job. If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work another day for the rest of your life”.