The history and “why” behind Alice Clarke Jewellery.

For the love of slow-made

Every piece of jewellery that leaves my hands and arrives in yours has a rich history behind it.

After the first inspiration arises for a new piece, it spends a grand amount of time both in my mind and being brought to life on my jeweller’s bench. To force a piece for the sake of creating would feel unethical. 

Long, slow walks that allow me to take in the full details and emotions of the landscape surrounding me inspire the textures, colors, stones and metals that will make up your special and unique piece.

Ethical material sourcing allows me to combine sustainability with the beauty of jewellery. From recycled metals with loads of character to semi-precious gemstones I pick by hand off the shores of the Falkland Islands–the meaning and intention behind every piece grows with every decision.

All to ensure your chosen piece will inspire and bond with you forever.


M Y   S T O R Y 

Hi, I’m Alice.

From a young age, my fascination with jewellery has always been apparent. Like a magpie, I was drawn to all that glitters and adorns; gems, diamonds, necklaces, and rings. The children’s books with pictures of treasure chests, and caves full of hidden jewels were clutched in my hands.

My love for jewellery continued to grow and evolve as years passed. Eventually leading me to study a BA Hons in Jewellery and Silversmithing at the world-renowned School of Jewellery in Birmingham and later, exhibiting my work worldwide.


Now, my creative and adventurous lives have joined together. By chasing the sun and light, my partner and I can be found moving between our two homes in England and the Falkland Islands.


The raw beauty and adventure of these two worlds allow me to create one-of-a-kind pieces that capture a moment and bring a sense of comfort and joy that lasts a lifetime. 


My admiration for both Earth’s organic jewels and the rustic elegance of ancient jewellery casting comes to life through each of my Collections. It’s the often-overlooked shapes, colors, and textures of the organic beauty around us that captivates my sense of wonder and ignites my creativity as I curate each distinct piece within a Collection. 


Whether it be inspired by giant sea kelp lapping against the rocks along the Falkland Islands or the lichen that sits upon twisted oak trees in North Yorkshire, every piece has been meticulously handcrafted and designed with intricate details and meaning.

And by choosing an Alice Clarke piece, you’re not choosing just another beautiful piece of jewellery…

You’re choosing a piece that will always bring you back to the special moment that bonded you with your unique piece to begin with.

F A L K L A N D S   O U T D O O R S

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Studio locations and hours:

Alice Clarke is an award-winning jewellery designer based in North Yorkshire and the Falkland Islands. 


Alice Clarke, Ross Road, Stanley, Falkland Islands, FIQQ 1ZZ 

Cruise Ship Days: 10am – 5pm 

Thursdays 7 Fridays: 10am-12pm, 1:30pm-4pm

Saturdays: 11am – 3pm 


Alice Clarke Studio, Springhill Farm, Brimham Moor Road, Fellbeck, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG3 5EX

Studio & gallery open by appointment only 11am – 4pm.

FI: +500 52900

UK: +44 (0)7841 212423

Everyone welcome!


Sea kayaking around the Archipelago that are the Falkland Islands, jewellery designer Alice Clarke has taken new inspirations from her second home in the South Atlantic.


Paddling on the surface of the ocean, being in and amongst the giant sea kelp that grow in vast kelp forests around the islands; it was inevitable that the swirling tendrils lapping on the rocks from the swell would inspire Alice’s next fine jewellery collection ‘Archipelago’.


Each piece of jewellery is completely unique and is named after a significant place in the Falklands. Whether it’s Shallow Bay over on the West Falklands or the lighthouse lookout at Cape Pembroke, the natural world of these extraordinary islands has truly captured Alice’s imagination.


“The rugged and untouched Falkland Islands have a sense of raw beauty like no other. They’ve opened my eyes and inspired my imagination, enabling me to produce what I feel is my best collection to date”.


Alice has created her new jewellery collection, ‘Archipelago’ from precious metals such as Platinum and 18ct yellow gold combined with diamonds and other precious stones reminiscent of the sun and sea sparkling in front of her studio in the Falklands. 

Graduate Collection 2013

Sunday Best 


My home in the farming valley of Nidderdale set in the heart of North Yorkshire is the inspiration for my work. In this collection ‘Sunday Best’ I have captured the essence of Yorkshire. The farmer who has defined the landscape, who ties his Barbour together with string & says; “It’ll be ‘right!” The farmer’s wife who brings the family together on Sunday’s for afternoon tea and makes sure everyone’s cup is full. 

This collection consists of a variety of wearable’s, from large rings and neckpieces to interesting button fastenings. They are created from Yorkshire tea stained plaster, Silver, Yorkshire sheep wool, Whitby Jet & found dolly pegs.

One Year On Collection 2014



Jemima is the follow on collection from ‘Sunday Best’. Using similar materials and processes I have developed ideas and forms to create new jewellery pieces. Some pieces are edging towards fashion and some in the direction of art. As a whole Jemima has a softer and elegant feel to it, the luxe finish on the rings and the scrumptious texture in the necklaces are enticing with each piece being different from the next. This jewellery collection is made up of unusual and exciting materials such as goose feathers, home-grown raspberries, found wooden pegs and sheep wool all brilliantly combined with silver. “What was once Christmas dinner is now a beautifully crafted piece of jewellery; found, foraged and recycled at it’s best”.